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Shotgun City

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Step into history and explore the Western  street  and experience this wild -west atmosphere, walk the wide boardwalk flanking the dusty street.

Look, a cowboy by the hitchin posts. He's had a haircut at the BARBERS SHOP and just come out of the GENERAL STORE  where's he heading? The SALOON in search of gambling,and whiskey to wet his parched throat. He'll be in the HOTEL soon sleeping off his barrel fever. No, he's gone to the BANK, it's a HOLD UP, he's after those dollars and pointing a gun at the bank teller, can't see his face he's wearing a bandana.

 Good! The sheriff's caught him. He's in the COUNTY JAIL, but he'll try and escape and head for his horse at the LIVERY STABLE. A message from the TELEGRAPH OFFICE will stop his getaway.