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Crash Landings

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Crash Landings, is our fantastic 4 storey indoor play area and cafeteria. The indoor play area is probably the biggest in the whole of the UK, with the tallest slide being nearly 8m (25ft) from the ground. At the top, you can slide down the water fall slide all the way to the bottom, for a crash landing. Then off again to climb crawl and explore all around the jungle where around every corner there is another surprise, maybe a giant Snake or a talking Parrot, look out for the cheeky Monkeys they could be any where. The kids will want to play forever leaving Mum and Dad, Gran and Granddad and all, to relax in our café with a lovely cup of tea, and a bite to eat.

Crash Landings has proved hugely popular here at Sundown Adventureland, a truly spectacular attraction

The children’s tables are carved with animals of all kinds, making every bit of the experience so magical and enchanting for all children and adults alike. There
is a massive plane which has been crashed into the building by a bungling monkey
pilot, who was looking for a pit stop for some Bananas’! and missed. Every which
way you turn there is something to take your eye, look up, look down, look every where, even behind you.